Android Updates for Phones or Tablets

How to update Android Phone & Tablet?

Click Start Check For Android Updates > Select you Device Manufacturer & Android Model to upgrade to the latest version.

Before updating to the latest Android operating system, read the android version changes so you will not be disappointed.

If you find there is no update available for your Android device from the manufacture but you would like to upgrade your Android operation system, read about Rooting & Flashing Android.

Find Android Updates For Your Device

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The most popular android phones are the Samsung Galaxy S10, Sony Xperia XZ3, LG G6, One Plus One, Google Pixel 3 & Motorola Moto Z3. Once you have updated your tablet & phone you can use Android to its fullest potential.

Our favorite site for reviews and tech specs of Android phones is GSM Arena.

There are some awesome apps on Google Play that are totally free. Remember that to update an Android Phone is the same process as updates for tablets. The latest available version of Android is version 9 called Pie. Most phones are still only upgrade-able to Android 6 or 8.

Manufactures of Android devices will occasionally release new updates to their phones along with the update schedule of Android. Usually manufactures who release a phone around the time that a new updated Android version is released will build their phone so that an update can be easily rolled out. Old phone are usually not included in the android update from the factory.

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