Android How To Videos

The process to update apps on an android device is actually quite simple. (Below are some videos to help you)

But first, watch this video to learn how to set an alarm on your android device.

Then watch this video on how to add a shortcut to your android phone or tablet.

Now How To Update Your Android Apps

Find the “Google Play” button on your android screen.

You may need to select button to view all apps.

Once inside of Google Play, Click on the menu button on your phone or tablet.

Select “My Apps”

You will see all the apps you have installed and it will show which ones have updates waiting. Many apps will auto update themselves, but occasionally apps that require you to agree to new terms and conditions or have modified their permission request will ask you to accept.

Click the menu button again and select “settings”

You will be presented with a list of options like: Notify me about updates, Auto-Update apps etc.

Select the options that suit your needs and you are all set.

Here is an old video on How to Update Google Play on Android 2.3. Yes, there are still plenty android users with version 2.3.

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