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Using Your Android Phone on Vacation – Europe Asia USA

Using Your Android Phone on Vacation – Europe Asia USA

It happens all the time, when traveling overseas, and you get a new sim card for your Android from the local carrier and the internet does not work.

After putting in your new SIM card you need to change the network settings on your android phone.

Although the phone detects the 3G or cellular network, in order to get the internet working you will need to enter the local carriers APN information.

Follow these steps to get internet working in a foreign country.

– Press Main
– Select Settings
– Select Wireless and Networks
– Select Mobile Networks
– Select Access point Names
– Press Menu
– Press New APN
– Enter the settings for your Carrier and Country.

Every mobile phone service provider has their own unique setting to put in, it is like a user name and password for their networks internet service.

For example if you are in Israel using Golan Telecom these are the settings you will need to use.

Name: golan telecom
APN: internet.golantelecom.net.il
MMS Proxy:USA SIM Cards
MMS Port:
MCC: 425
MNC: 08
Authentication Type: None
APN type: default
APN Protocol: IPv4

Check this list for World Wide Mobile Phone Carrier Settings

The list is pretty thorough and have most countries and carriers like TMobile, Verizon, Vodafone, LycaMobile, O2, Orange, India Mobile, Virgin, BT.

If you are traveling to the United States you should probably consider renting a sim card from TelAway, Read More.

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