Most Commonly used Android Devices

Android Update, The worlds most popular website for Android users, gathers data from over 50K mobile visitors to determine the most widely held devices. Monthly searches for Android Update has now reached over 250K. Most Android users visit to keep their devices updated.

An analysis of data for Q4 2012 reveals 50% of visitors to used a mobile device to access the site, representing over 50K unique visitors.

Here are the Top Five brands of devices that visitors to Android Update .co used when accessing the site.

1. Samsung
2. Apple
3. SonyEricsson
4. HTC
5. Motorola

We it quite amusing that giving the strong loyalty Android & Apple users have to their device type, that so many iPad users would simultaneously, and at the same time also be owners of an Android Device. As we drill down further, it should be an even bigger surprise that number 4 device on the list is none other than the iPhone itself!

The most common version of Android that visitors are using is now version 4.0.04, followed by 2.3, followed by version 2.1. The prior data from September showed most visitors still with Android 2.3.

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