Sony Xperia Mini Pro – The Ladies Phone

I went shopping for a new phone for my Mom. She needed something that had a keyboard because how can you type on a screen?

After much searching and comparing the various android options out there, I was recommended by a friend to check out Ericsson. I have not owned an Ericsson phone in close to 14 years. Not that I am married to Samsung, ZTE, Motorola, Blackberry or Nokia, I just thought that they were bankrupt!

The phone is small, much smaller than the large Samsung being sold nowadays. The camera has some really neat features like smile detection.

Here is the phone I bought. Click picture for latest price.
Xperia Mini Pro
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I bought the unlocked version for use overseas and it immediately started working with the overseas carrier.

And there you have it. The perfect combination keyboard, touch screen, not too big, not to small, lady like but not girly, powerful but not a tablet.

Now I need a nap.

To update the Xperia, go here and download the PC companion for your computer or you can find the support page for the Xperia Mini Pro here: