Nexus 7 Sound Problem After Android 4.3 Update

Speaker Sound Android 4.3

Like all Android users, I was excited about the new Android 4.3 Jellybean and since I have the Nexus 7 tablet, I was one of the lucky ones who will get to experience it first hand.

The first thing that happened when I updated to 4.3 is that my MX Player for videos stopped working. That was no problem, went into Google Play and updated they has a new update available to work with Android 4.3

The next problem we noticed was using an external speaker for the Nexus 7. When traveling, we like to attach the Nexus 7 to the AUX port of our car stereo so that videos the kids are watching can be heard through the car stereo. For some reason, the sound would not go louder than a whisper.

We initially thought it was a problem with MX Player so we tried installing MOBO Video Player Pro which just crashed and didn’t even start up. We then tried installing VPlayer Video Player which worked but with the same sound problem as before.

Android has a setting that restricts to loudness of music and sound when your phone or tablet is attached to headphones or external speakers. This has to do with government regulations that stipulate how loud a device can play music without blowing out your ear drums! The EU & the USA have different guidelines. Either way, we could not hear anything, the volume kept going back down to 7 and when we raised the volume it did not get any louder.

After browsing many help forums and techie websites we found a solution!!! We added the free app from Google Play called Speaker Boost.

That did the trick and now our device is playing music in our car again!