How To Fix a Wet Android Phone or Tablet

Everyday hundreds of android phones and tablets drop into the toilet and get wet, or in the sink while doing dishes, or get splashed at the swimming pool.

It can happen to anyone, you are not the only one. You place your Android phone on the shelf and next thing you know, your toothbrush is upset and decides to hit your Android phone and make it land in the toilet. Or you decide it would be a good idea to watch a video in the bathtub on your Android Nexus 7 and it splash it falls in.

So how can you fix a waterlogged Android phone or tablet?

Step 1. Take off the cover of your Android phone

Step 2. Take out the battery

Step 3. Dry off everything with a towel.

Step 4. Get a Rubbermaid container, just large enough to fit your phone inside of it.

Step 5. Find some rice. Any type of rice. Brown rice, white rice, Uncle Ben’s Rice, Generic rice and put some in the rubbermaid container.

(How much rice? Cover the bottom of the container)

Step 6. Place the android phone inside the container and close the lid.

Step 7. Wait for 24 – 48 hours and your Android phone should be dried out, inside out.

Why does this work? Because Rice absorbs water. Any water or vapors that seeped into the phone will seep out into the rice.

Now check your phone for updates here.