Motorola Droid Razr Upgrades

Motorola Droid Razr Updates

As with all phone manufactures, trying to figure out the update schedule is impossible.

Motorola says,

A note about Ice Cream Sandwich:

We are planning to upgrade DROID RAZR™ by Motorola, Motorola RAZR™, Motorola XOOM™ (including Family Edition) and DROID BIONIC™ by Motorola to Ice Cream Sandwich. We will provide more precise guidance on timing after post-public push of Ice Cream Sandwich by Google, as well as any possible additions to this list of devices.

This page lists the various phones and the schedule of what updates are available. Click here

The page for Motorola Droid Razr has plenty of FAQ’s. Click here

It would be a good idea if you have not done so already, to sign up at Motorola for email updates. Click here

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