Update Sony Xperia To Android 5.1

Sony Xperia Update

When Google rolls out an update for Android Lollipop it takes some time for phone manufactures to work the update into their customized versions of Android.

Sony Mobile the maker to the famous Xperia line of Android Smartphones has many different Xperia’s they need to update to the latest Android Version called Lollipop or 5.1.

There are two ways that Sony delivers to the update to the Xperia phone.

Update Method One is OTA (Over the Air)

You can go into your Xperia and find the “Settings” button.

If you scroll down to the bottom you will see it says “About Phone”, click on that.

The top button should read “System Updates”, click it.

It will may say “Your system is up to date”, however you want to look lower down and see if you can find the “Check Now” button.

When you click it, it will check to see if your device has the 5.1 update available.

If you have an update available it will give you the option to “Update Now”.

Update Method Two is PC Companion

Occasionally a notice will appear on the top of your phones status bar that says Sony Xperia Update Available.

When you click it nothing happens!

What you need to do to update your phone is connect it to you laptop or computer.

Then you need to install Sony PC Companion software which you can find here.

Once you install Sony PC Companion you need it to detect your attached phone. Sometimes by disconnecting and connecting your phone to your computer will make it show up in PC companion.

Then follow the instructions in Sony PC companion to install the Update for your Android Xperia.

It may take as long as 30 minutes for your Sony Xperia to receive and install the new Android Update so only do this when you have time to spare and you will not need your phone.

After the update is installed, your phone will reboot. It can take 5 minutes just for your phone to reboot!